2013 Its a New Year

First off we pray for the best for all of us in this new year. There is a lot of work to be done to keep dreams alive. So far we have to fight the D.R.E.C.P. Please read about it. None of us voted for it. It has been created by the 4 major gorillas. The California Energy Commission, California Department of Fish and Game, the Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. It is all created under a guise. It is not to the benefit of Californians. I’m going to leave it there. You need to figure it out and fight NOW!

There are meetings at the BLM Ridgecrest office every 4th Thursday from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. It will open your eyes to all the closures in southern California. They do not care about energy and they only want the land. You can see the official maps for yourself.

At least counties other than Kern step up to the plate for the miners. Kern county is one of the richest areas in southern California and they won’t back the miners. Why? Ask your representatives. Responsible placer mining can get California to a sales-tax-FREE state if the representatives would work with the mining community. There are a lot of long-term new jobs to be had in the mining industry here in California. Coming from an energy job background; Energy jobs are quick and then gone. No long term benefits except for a maintenance skeleton crew.

I’m done for today. People lets fight for our rights. Really look into and read between the lines when you read. And to all you non-believers that the Obama administration could not take us out of the 1872 mining law. Check the Omnibus Bill.

Obama’s agenda and California’s bad proposition

Good morning to all,

I got up this morning very early to get out a blog. I can’t stand politics because of so many lies. But I want to comment on several things within the last two weeks starting from last nights Presidential debate.

1; There are a lot of people that say, “Where is the bill that we are talking about taking the United States out of the 1800’s mining law”. Well first off if you read the 2012-2013 Department of the Interior Appropriations Bill it plain says in English they are going to take back the lands and if you read in-between the lines it says that also. But the Presidential debate last night plain said it on TV. Obama said they have already taken back the public lands from the oil industry. The public lands produced 40 percent less because Obama cut licenses and permits on public lands. He is doing the same thing in the mining industry. Job killing agenda. Obama and Salazar did this. People it was on TV last night. Obama and the Democrats are going to do it to the mining and outdoor industry if we don’t stop it. Also on TV was Obamas Environmental Plan or Obamas Green Plan. Are you kidding. It says it right there what Obama and the government plans to do. That was plain scary. We have the you tube video. It is one hour, but it is our freedom and jobs so watch it. Obama’s  Environmental Plan. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-QDEh4jf8w

  1. Then for California. I am all for a NO vote on Proposition 31. But here is how tricky the State of California is. They are making you look one way and pulling out the tablecloth and table out the other way. When you have the environmentalists siding with you there is something wrong. Everyone is missing the 2 sentences in the Bill that are the most important or they read it and knew it would hurt their agenda  as in the environmentalists case. It plain says in there that the State      of California wants UN Agenda 21. That is what it should be about not      anything else. Many states have already told the Federal Government they will not be a part of UN Agenda 21. Why? You read and figure it out. Communist State or Freedom State? California legislature wants it. Tell your representatives you don’t want anything to do with it or don’t Live Free.

Lets get the State and Federal government out of our way so the public can create the jobs that we need so badly. We already know it is not the State or the Government that will helps us. We need to do it ourselves.

  1. Sunday October 7th, 2012. On Obama’s Green Plan you saw how all American’s that love the country are getting screwed. All of us that want jobs, that love off-roading, that love hunting and fishing etc. are paying the fight against ourselves. Yes my eyes were opened after this also. The environmental groups only have to give opinion, not science and then they sue the agency that they want to      without putting out any money. We the people have to foot the legal bill, the courts bills, the research bills everything and the environmental groups get paid from our tax money. Yes the environmental groups have no skin in the game at all.  The tax payer bays the bills that are closing jobs. Example: The California Desert      Tortoise. I love them and protect them on my own. But the environmentalists say they are going extinct and that they are dying from the environment. None of this is true. Mother Nature chooses to take a species out, not humans. Does humans have a part in that? Maybe or maybe not? We didn’t have anything to do with the dinosaur extinction. The environmentalists could not get them listed as an endangered species so they got them listed as a protected species at the cost of billions of dollars to the American tax payer. Job loss and litigations add up to billions of dollars. If the environmentalist want to take up a cause let them pay for it themselves. I guarantee if they are paying for it they will come up with real proof there is a problem verses opinion.

I will finish with do not think I am an anti-environmentalist. I would just like the correct facts not opinions and not have to pay for it if I am not in the campaign.

Oh yeh. Currently there are over 2.1 million California desert tortoises. When do we take them out of the endangered species act so we can get to work, and we will protect them as we work.

This is one Americans view that wants a FREE Nation and jobs. If it’s not grown it’s mined. Mining can create the jobs California needs.

Mining Company’s Want to Invest In California

Hello everyone,

Just received a phone call the public would like to hear. And this is not he first call. This goes into the next part of the original list of 5 governmental state and federal problems, listed in my blog, that are hurting the economy, taking of public and private lands and the job outlook, especially in California

I received a call today from a large mining company. They where told about our mine several times by different contacts and figured they would look into us here in California. Here is a quick summary. They are tired of investing in other states that they cannot mine year round. They would like to invest in California mines but are afraid because of what they hear and read about regulations in California. (2011 Fraser Institute Mining Report). They have millions of dollars to create jobs out of a small mom and pop mining company for California. (Just our company could be up to 113 jobs) Thousands of jobs in green mining in California.

Mining companies know that California is number 2 in the world for rare earths and number one in the United States for metals and minerals. Why is California in financial problems? The state legislature. The government. We can be out of problems almost immediately through new green mining and we get to keep our land.

Example of problems; The agencies who run D.R.E.C.P. and the fact that the government wants our public land back for renewable energy that California will never see and the fact that Californians will pay higher energy prices, plus lose our land rights which will not create high paying long-term jobs. Woops D.R.E.C.P. does create some jobs, 99% of them are short-term jobs because once renewable energy fields are built there are no more jobs, except maintenance jobs.

Mining jobs are 20-30 years according to permits. High paying $15.00 to $85.00 per hour plus benefits and bonuses. Mining also creates jobs for vendor companies for manufacturing companies, for consulting companies, for all kind of companies so mining really can improve the job status or almost eliminate unemployment in California and put all kinds of tax money from employees, tangibles and intangibles back into the local, state and federal government coffers. Our version of mining is green, animal friendly, environmentally friendly and land reclamation is done daily with very little land disturbed at one time. In our case we only disturb around 3 acres at one time and have it reclaimed within hours and within 2-3 years you would never know that there was a mining operation there. Insects, reptiles, animals, bushes and plant life all back. Our partner is Mother Nature.

Lets help the mining companies that want to invest in California. Please sign and write a note on our petitions that will be turned in to the California State Legislature and both sides of the house in Washington DC. I will say I am for responsible mining.

Jobs for California

Joe M.

Creating Jobs in California

Good day Americans,

Lets take off from last week. Stealth deals are cut every day in the government and not for the best interest of the average American. Does the government have to do this? Maybe. But, to cut the American out of creating jobs and taking care of the economy that is not right. The government cannot create jobs without the average American. I am going to state this again. The government cannot create jobs without the average American. So Mr. Government let us help ourselves instead of fighting the American Public. Example. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is supposed to work for us the Public. Can they work for us? Yes. Do they work for us? No. The BLM works for the government, special interest groups, advocacy groups, state agencies, federal agencies etc. I did not read anywhere the American Public. The BLM are not bad guys. They are put into a position of laws and regulations from all the above mentioned. In the case of the repealing the 1800’s Mining law through the 2012-2013  STATEMENT OF KEN SALAZAR SECRETARY OF THE INTERIOR BEFORE THE HOUSE COMMITTEE ON NATURAL RESOURCES ON THE 2013 PRESIDENT’S BUDGET REQUEST (Press for Link) which is illegal, wrong , against our founding fathers and in no way helps the American Public for new long term high paying jobs.

It’s all about money. The government is taking away our Public Lands for the government’s agenda. You can believe that the government would never do this. And you would be wrong. Just read the document and read between the lines. Ask people if their favorite spot or property is gone or closed. And if you read the internet you will find the government is taking back public and private lands every day in various ways. Do not believe me. Please read the above link. If the government knows the public is getting informed of the governments illegal and legal non-productive exploits they might slow down and bad Bills might not get passed. Is most of what the government does stealth? No. They put it in the publics eye, except they hide it very well so the public never finds it or the public never knows they should be looking for something, because the American figures the government and interest groups are in the American Publics best interest. Right.

Here is another example. We love the California Desert Tortoise  (Press for Link). We do everything in our power to protect it. But a group of some what misinformed people are telling the BLM to kill jobs. As the retired government official said, “Joe do you see that lady across the street. If you asked her does she want to protect the tortoise because it is endangered, she is going to say yes. Then you ask her if she has ever seen a tortoise and she says no. But maam you definitely want to save it? Oh yes. Maam have you ever been to the desert? No. Do you ever plan on going to the desert? No way it’s to hot and there is nothing there.

Do the groups have best interest in mind?(Press for Link).  I think so. But they are following best information and some of the time not correct information that creates the endangered or protected species. (Press for Link).  And then they go and sue to get what they want. And then they go and sue to get what they want. Currently there are over 2,000,000 tortoises not including the thousands that are family members of American households. When is enough? They’re not even endangered, just protected. Mother Nature knows whether to keep them alive or not. Leave her to her infinite wisdom and evolution.

I apologize for being negative; I really do not like negativity. But from negativity hopefully positivity grows and prospers. Please fight and sign our petitions that will be presented to both sides of the House and to the California State Legislature. Please add comments not just signatures.

Joe M.

The start of taking back our rights

Where do I start?

1: The government cuts stealth deals with the State of California to take over our lands and not allow us to fish, farm, offroad, mine, log, graze and loss of our water rights etc.

2: D.R.E.C.P. who is owned by the same stealth deal between California and the government takes over our land and takes it away so we cannot to fish, offroad, mine, log, farm, graze etc. and we lose our water rights, all under the pretense of renewable energy that California will see very little if any of that. The Renewable Energy Action Team is going to take care of us they say. Except they are the problem. Government!

3: Illegally repealing the 1800’s mining law and taking away our public lands so we cannot mine, log, farm, graze, fish, offroad and we lose our water rights etc.

4: Needing high paying, long term jobs in California that we, the public can provide. But California stops us.

5: The Endangered Species Regime. I love animals, insects plants, the outdoors. But the endangered species groups are not always correct in a lot of areas. Read between the lines. If they would leave Mother Nature alone, she would take care of the plants and animals as she sees fit whether we like the out come or not.

Where do we, the public start? We start here and now! We fight! We educate the public on the illegal, legal and the misguided acts of the suppressive government and leaders that are only after that greenbacks that really are worth nothing. I am not into this political mumbo jumbo, but I feel it is my duty to let the public know what is going on so that our political leaders know, that we the public know, and hopefully will not turn us into a communistic, suppressed, non-constructive, socialist country.   Almost to late.

Miners, offroaders, loggers, fisherman, farmers, ranchers, mountain bikers, hikers its time to fight. We have only until the lame duck session starts in Congress to complete this endeavor. Can you imaging if we all coordinate this effort together and pull it off. We might actually have leaders someday that will make decisions with us, the American Public in mind. Please pass the petitions to everyone. Please let your local state and federal leaders know that you know. Start at your city level and work your way up. If you personally know a politician let them know. Open their eyes. Believe it or not most of them do not even know what is going on behind closed doors at the state and federal levels even if they are sitting there every day.

Check back in a couple of days when we start putting facts together on the 5 existing problems listed here. Till then start signing the petitions herein. We need a million signatures by the end of August. I have to get back to work.


A working everyday Joe that cares

Petition to Create Mining jobs in California & to Save Our Public Land

If It’s Not Grown, It’s Mined

California can pull itself out of financial hardship if the people band together and create our own jobs. Many minds insure success. This is biblical and common sense. If you don’t believe in that, then believe in California creating jobs. Immediate, high paying, long term jobs in the mining industry. Placer mining is green and mean. Sign the petition at change.org to keep our public, private and patented lands for the people and to start high paying, immediate, long term mining jobs in California. Mother nature is our partner. http://www.change.org/petitions/the-state-of-california-stop-taking-public-lands-and-to-create-high-paying-long-term-jobs-in-mining

Thousands of High Paying California Mining Jobs

To all you politicians. Stand up against the regime/government officials and government environmentalists for the people? Fight for the people in the trenches. Yes, there are environmentalists that think they are helping, but they just pay their donations and don’t realize they are hurting the system. They hear from only one side.  Now let me get to the point.

We the people can create our own jobs with help from the politicians that want to make the states and world a better place - unlike UN Agenda 21 and D.R.E.C.P.. Californians can get them selves out of financial problems by opening up RESPONSIBLE MINING. High paying, long term jobs, plus land reclamation concurrently with mining. Example: Sleepy Bear Mining reclaims the land daily. In March 2012, it was noticed that ant colonies, lizards, squirrels, kangaroo rats, mice and 3 kinds of botanicals inhabited mined land, mined & reclaimed in October 2011 (in only 5 months). Mother nature knows how to take care of herself if there are responsible mining practices. Nature is our partner. Let the miner and nature work together. Mining is different from 100 years ago, to 30 years ago to date. Miners don’t want the animals or land to be hurt. I am a miner, hiker, mountain biker, camper, fisherman and a person that just loves the outdoors. I want the environmentalist to be my friends not my enemies.

Californians need to get back there lives, houses, families all through money making jobs. Mining is holding $2.3 billion dollars, just in exploratory funding. Think of all the money for actual mining. Most of these jobs are for 3 to 30 years according to mining permits. $25.00 per hour plus. Come on! California is one of the richest states in the world for rare earths, metals and minerals and comes in last in the Fraser Institute 2011 mining report.   http://sleepybearmining.com/images/mining-survey-2010-2011.pdf

There is no reason for that, except for who?

Our Public, Private & Land Mining Rights Are Being Taken Away

West Mojave Management Plan(WEMO), Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Program(D.R.E.C.P.), California Fish and Game under the Endangered Species act and others are trying to pull the California desert out of the 1800′s mining law our Fore Fathers set up for us. They are TAKING AWAY OUR LAND under the endangered species act and D.R.E.C.P.. D.R.E.C.P. trumps all agencies as it is part of the government to take back our lands under a disguise of renewable energy. We will have to pay higher taxes for the project, lose our land under emanate domain, get higher energy costs in California as most of the energy is going out of state and only God knows what else. Then under the endangered species act, the only thing wrong with the California desert tortoise is the Arizona group needed a cause and money and put it on the endangered species list. Everyone in the desert knows they breed like rabbits and are a hearty animal. THEY ARE NOT ENDANGERED. CALIFORNIANS KNOW THAT LIVE WITH THEM. They’ve been around for millions of years. What we need is for an attorney to step up to the plate and to sue the government and the Arizona tortoise people on behalf of the tortoise to leave them alone and let mother nature take care of them as she has done for millions of years. Look up Varney and Company about the California Desert tortoise. http://video.foxbusiness.com/v/1497997168001/22b-solar-plant-construction-slowed-by-desert-tortoise Look up what Vice President Biden wanted to do about the California desert tortoise website. GET RID OF IT. He knows also, “Its a waste of money”. To you environmentalist. Yes we need you. You will find that if you work with the groups like the mining industry without the government being involved you will have succeeded in several ways of which the public will support. NEW JOBS & BETTER RELATIONSHIPS. Just so you know I am a miner, hiker, mountain biker, camper, a person that just plain loves the outdoors. Be my friend not my enemy.

High Paying Jobs in California

Do you know that California has thousands of possible high paying, long term jobs just waiting to go? They are in the mining industry. California is one of the richest states in the world for rare earths, metals and minerals and we are doing nothing about it. Oh wait, that’s right. Some government agencies are doing something about it. They are taking away our lands and rights to use public lands that produce these jobs, so I guess something is being done about it. Killing jobs on purpose and taking away our public lands use rights. West Mojave plan(WEMO) and Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan (DRECP) is stealing illegally our public lands. D.R.E.C.P. actually can take away our private and patented lands also. People we have to start fighting, standing together not believing what we are told by the politicians. UN Agenda 21 is another theft of our rights. I as well as others, I used to think it was a conspiracy theory until I have personally watched it happening. 1,000,000 acres, 174,000 parcels, just got taken away from Rim of the Valley, Los Angeles. Lets band together and make America better than ever.